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Final Configuration :

Now that the router and network settings have been configured - it is time for the finishing touches.

If you have a wireless signal you would like to connect through you can connect to it now.
If you would like your POC to establish a connection automatically then select 'remember this wireless connection' and 'connect automatically' when prompted.

Unless you plan on keeping a keyboard / mouse and monitor attached we suggest enabling Remote Desktop or another remote access application so that you can easily reconfigure your POC or change wireless networks using another computer on your network.

Complete the following steps in sequence to complete your POC :

  1. Turn off the POC.
  2. Disconnect power from the router.
  3. Disconnect the CAT5 cable from the LAN port on the router and connect it to the WAN port
    (it's likely off to one side, by itself).
  4. Reconnect power to the router.
  5. Turn on the POC.

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