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Required Components :

Building your own POC is easy if you have the right parts. It's also pretty cheap as it makes use of common components that many people are likely to have kicking around.

In the event that you're missing a required componentt - it's no big deal because none of the parts are very expensive and are easy to find at any electronics/department store.

The biggest and perhaps most expensive component is a spare PC capable of running Windows XP.
The computer doesn't have to be great, really any old $50 PC (capable of running XP) will work.

For beginners we suggest using a PC that can run Windows XP as it includes everything you'll need and is 'familiar' and easy to configure.

We strongly recommend not to do this to a 'family' PC or any PC that you cannot risk destroying.
Although it's unlikely that you will cause any damage - it's best to use a spare.

Although having 2 ethernet ports is preferred - using only 1 will work as well. If you do not have an integrated ethernet port or would like to add a second - a PCI network card will work fine.

Please see the lists below for minimum and recommended PC requirements.

Minimum Specifications :
OS : Windows XP Home
CPU : Pentium 3, 633 Mhz
RAM : 128 MB
HDD : 10 GB
Ethernet Port : x 1
Recommended Specifications:
OS : Windows XP Pro
CPU : Pentium 4, 2.0 Ghz +
RAM : 1 GB +
HDD : 40 GB +
Ethernet Port : x 2

Click here to view photo of the 'clunker' that became the first POC. Its a Compaq Deskpro EXD series. Works like a charm.

In addition to a PC there are a few other parts that are required to build a POC.
Below is a full list of the necessary components to build a POC :

  • A wireless router (of any kind)
  • A wireless (wifi) card - Internal or USB
  • 1 short piece of CAT5 / 8P8C / RJ45 / Ethernet cable
  • A PC (see above)
  • A copy of Windows XP (Home or Pro)

The following is a list of additional components to enhance your POCs abilities and performance.
Note that these not required but are 'extras' to make your POC better :

  • A 12 volt Aux - Switch & Molex Y-adapter   (to power the router using the PC)
  • A LCD Panel   (to display real-time system info without use of a monitor)
  • A second Network/Ethernet port   (to support a wired internet connection)
  • A second piece of CAT5   (for a wired internet connection)
  • Enhanced wireless antennas   (to improve wireless signal)
  • LEDs/Lights   (to make things glow)
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