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Getting Started :

To build a POC requires a basic understanding of computers and networking components (such as routers).

Since a POC can be configured to suit a number of purposes - this guide will focus on creating a simple POC to redistribute an existing network / internet connection.

This example will use Windows XP for it's operating system as it's often 'familiar' and very easy to configure.
You can view additional configuration information (such as incorporating a VPN) using the menu on the left.

After gathering all of the required components, the first step is to perform a clean install of Windows XP on the computer that you plan to use. This ensures that all settings will be defaulted and there will be nothing to interfere with configuring your POC.

Install service-pack 3 and any other available Windows updates. Make sure your drivers are up to date.

Before proceeding we recommended making sure you have a grasp on how a POC works.
You can view an explanation by clicking here.

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