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Testing your POC :

Testing your POC is pretty straight-forward. It can be broken down into 2 tests.

  • Testing your devices connection to the POC
  • Testing your POC's connection to it's designated network.

If you haven't already, setting up some sort of remote access software (or simply enabling Remote Desktop) on your POC is a good idea. It will allow you to connect-to and control your POC using other devices or PC's on the network.

If you were using a VPN and wanted to test the encryption of your connection, you could do so by installing a software like Wire-Shark on your POC and reading the data as it travels.

The steps below will guide you through testing each point of your network using a PC that is connected to the network through the POC (more specifically,the router inside the the POC). These tests will be performed using tools that are included with Windows and will start "from the ground up".

Testing your connection to the POC :

Testing your connection to the POC is easy and can also be broken down into 2 parts :

  • Testing your devices connection to the router (in the poc)
  • Testing the router's connection to the POC
To test your PC's connection to the router we must first make sure it is receiving a proper IP address.
To do this - open the command prompt by clicking the Start button and selecting Run from the menu.
Enter CMD into the box and click OK.

Inside the command prompt window, enter IPCONFIG and press Enter

This will display your PC's connection information including it's IP Address and Default Dateway (the router's IP).
If you are connected successfully then your IP address and Default dateway will be similar. Likely using a 192.168.5.* IP scheme.
The IP and default gateway will not be exactly the same but should only vary by the last octet. If this is the case, your PC is successfully connected to the POC's router.

You can further test this by pinging your default gateway from inside the command prompt.
This is done by typing PING [default gateways IP] and pressing Enter which would likely look like this : PING
If successful the you should receive a reply from the router.

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