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Additional Information :

The POC was originally created for the sole purpose of re-broadcasting a wireless signal much like a modern repeater but with a few added advantages such as the ability to expand functions with additional software and being able to closely monitor traffic.

Since then the POC has undergone generations of upgrades to be something rather unique and quite powerful when configured properly.

Version 2 of the POC made use of VPN to encrypt all network traffic and a dual-boot system to run Backtrack linux for network analysis penetration testing.

Version 3 made use a handy little software called NAT32 that enhanced control over the network by replacing Windows ICS with it's own - more configurable ICS platform. This software is not free and I had to contact the author after purchasing it to seek assistance in configuring it for the POC. I'm glad to say he was very friendly and with his help we were able to create something wild.

Using NAT32 you are able to establish multiple simultaneous network connections and "funnel" them together to be shared and distribute the load. The common term for this is Network bandwidth aggregation and you can look it up on Google but due to it's complexity it will not be further covered here. Configuring NAT32 for multiple connections wasn't easy but it paved the way for POC version 4.

Version 4 consisted mainly of hardware upgrades. We added some additional ethernet and 802.11 cards to support multiple connections and made use of custom firmware for our router.

On version 4 of my own machine I added several esthetic upgrades such as dual hi-gain antennas; A tinted plexiglass window; A custom 2-stage glow kit; A push-button-ignition on/power button with toggle-switch cover; And a RF transmitter & relay to control the whole thing from a remote control (like a car starter).
Pictures and videos are available in the gallery.

The following is a list of additional components to enhance your POCs abilities and performance.
Note that these not required but are 'extras' to make your POC better :

  • A 12 volt Aux - Switch & Molex Y-adapter   (to power the router using the PC)
  • A LCD Panel   (to display real-time system info without use of a monitor)
  • A second Network/Ethernet port   (to support a wired internet connection)
  • A second piece of CAT5   (for a wired internet connection)
  • Enhanced wireless antennas   (to improve wireless signal)
  • LEDs/Lights   (to make things glow)
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