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What is a POC? :

A POC is a multi-functional internet point-of-connection device dubbed the "Proof of Concept" or "POC" for short.

It is hard to describe the exact purpose of the POC as it has many functions and can be configured to perform a wide variety of tasks - mostly to do with accessing / relaying the internet.


The POC was originally designed as a proof of concept to show the possibility that internet access can be drawn from the air in well populated-areas and even provide internet access to your home when configured properly.

Needless to say, it works and has since been upgraded and modified to suit a number of purposes. It can also add wireless functionality to devices that otherwise do not support it. I currently use one to extend my connection to my equipment in the shed where there is no other internet access.

Although I discovered this on my own, it's possible that the idea has been used elsewhere by other people. This is not some technological breakthrough and I am not claiming to be the grand-wizard of the internet for discovering it. These are simply my results and development of an idea that I am sharing with you.

Similar functionality exists in a modern commercial "repeater" but with limited capabilities.

We do not advocate illegal use or theft of the internet - if connecting to a private / encrypted network you must have consent from the network owner.

This guide will explain how to build your own POC with a basic configuration that is very customizable is readily capable of the following :

  • Creating or extending the reach of your existing wireless network.
  • Providing wireless functionality to non-wireless devices.
  • Creating a private sub-network to enhance privacy on a shared network.
  • Encrypting or proxying the connection of any/all of your devices.
  • Using an existing wireless signal to provide a single-stable point-of-connection for any/all devices in your home.
  • Improving the signal of distant network.
  • Providing all other functions of a commercial router/client-bridge/repeater.

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