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Why use a POC? :

Although the original POC was created to provide free internet it has since been adapted and upgraded to fulfill a number of purposes.

Below is a list of some of the uses and functions of a POC, this is just a few.

We do not advocate illegal use or theft of the internet.
If connecting to a private / encrypted network you must have consent from the network owner.
  • Creating a wired connection from a wireless signal.
  • Extending the reach of your network.
  • Improving the signal of a distant network.
  • Encrypting or proxying the connection of any / all of your devices.
  • Creating a private sub-network.
  • Monitoring network traffic.
  • Pennetration testing.
  • Regulating internet access.
  • Providing all other functions of a commercial router/client-bridge/repeater.
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